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New Horns
Ovis Satyr Horns
Ovis Satyr Horns can be worn in
4 orientations for 4 very different looks.

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to Learn More about these very light and comfortable horns.

So what make's Pan's Devil Horns so SPECIAL?
1) Over 35 styles of devil horns in 10 shapes and 10 color options - more than any other Devil Horn manufacturer on the market - and all will ship right away.
2) All horns are made of a very light and very durable resin plastic that can be easily modified, customized, painted, sanded, drilled, tapped, etc - the most versatile horns on the market.
3) All horns can be easily worn and adjusted on your head with the included clear stretchy headband using our Patent Pending technique (see below).
4) All horns can be glued on your head with skin-safe glue
5) All horns can be glued on helmets, monitors, clocks, cars, or any other solid object.

6) All horns can be drilled and then screwed onto hats, clothing, armour, sheetmetal, backpacks, costumes etc.

7) All horns come with a full set of illustrated instructions and our money back guarantee for manufacturing defects.

Clear Stretchy Headband Technique
Perfect for wearing horns in short or long hair, in wigs, on hats, or even baby heads!
Devil Horns in Long Hair
Devil Horns in Short Hair
Illustration of clear cord in hair wearing devil horns
The horns can be ajusted on your head

You can wear the horns in long hair (a) or in short hair (b) with the clear headband. The clear cord is VERY stretchy, fits over your head and hides in your hair (c) making it virtually invisible. Once in place, the horns can be adjusted along the length of the cord by simply lifting the horns up and sliding them to the desired position (d). Once you release the horns, they automatically "lock" in place thanks to the "U" shaped hole in the base of the horn. This "U" shaped hole / channel allows the horns to stay in-place without tying knots in the cord to hold the horns in place. This same technique can be used to put the horns on other similar objects like hats, wigs and babies (see below).
Satyr Horns on a Black Bowler Derby
Satyr Horns on a Bowler with the Clear Headband
Aries Horns on Very Cute Baby
Sophie with Aries Horns using the Clear Headband
Photo of Sarena wearing 2 pairs of horns with clear headband
Sarena wearing 2 pairs of horns with the clear headbands
Wicked Horns on Baseball Cap
Wicked Horns on a Baseball Cap with the Clear Headband



Skin Safe Glue Technique
Perfect for wearing horns on a bald head, or on any area of exposed skin -
Illustration putting Glue on a Horn

There are 2 adhesives we recommend for gluing horns to your skin:
1) Prosthetic Adhesive - Latex Based - very strong
2) Medical Adhesive - Silicone Based - SUPER strong

We sell both kinds of adhesive in convenient kits which include a full set of instructions and everything you need to secure your horns on your skin.
Click here to learn more and buy an adhesive kit

If you already have a skin safe glue like eyelash glue (prosthetic adhesive), medical adhesive, or spirit gum (recommended only for the smaller horns) make sure to do the following:

TIP1:Re: "Underhorn Sweating is the leading cause of horn detachment" - Pan
If you think you will be sweating/perspiring while wearing the horns, put some ANTIPERSPIRANT on the areas of skin where the horns will be glued about 30 min before gluing the horns. Wipe off any excess before starting the gluing process. This will reduce "Underhorn Sweating" - We recommend "Mitchum" antiperspirant as the most effective brand.

TIP2: The Killer way to glue horns
Spread a thin layer of the adhesive on the base of each horn and a thin layer on the area of skin where the horns will go. LET DRY. When you can touch the glue spots and none comes off on your finger, press the horns firmly on your skin on the glue spot.

I have tested gluing techniques for the past 7 years and the above methods, along with some Tincture of Benzoin (included in both Adhesive Kits) gives you the strongest, longest lasting horn attachments.

Picture of Terrance wearing Aries devil horns with skin safe glue
Terrance used Prosthetic Adhesive to glue his Aries Horns on.
Picture of Darth Maul with Pan's Devil horns
Of course Mini Darth Maul above
GREW his horns >;)

Here at Pan's Devil Horns we focus on one thing - bringing you the highest quality, easiest to use, most versatile and widest range of styles of Costume Devil Horns in the world.

Unlike other costuming sites that may sell some devil horns, DEVIL HORNS ARE OUR SPECIALTY! We know more about Costume Devil Horns than anyone and we want to help you find the PERFECT DEVIL HORNS FOR YOU! If you can't find the perfect shape and color of devil horns in our Off-The-Rack selection of over 35 styles, you can customize them yourself or visit our Custom page where you can have horns made to order from our available selection of shapes, base colors, tint colors and glitter.


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"How to Get Horny
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